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Yona album release

client: universal music - 2021


Autumn of 2020 Yona’s manager Pietari asked us to make her instagram marketing videos that were artsy, classical, over the top and magical all at once. The idea was to make two teasers and two release commercials for her new album called “Uni johon herään”. 


The commercials were cut from the material that was shot at the recording session of the album, and our team’s superwoman Elisabeth did the gig almost single-handedly. She understood the vision that Pietari and Yona had for the videos, being a fan of Yona’s music. This was a true passion project for Elisabeth. 


It was fun to really put forward the atmosphere of recording with a live orchestra. 



Director, producer: Elisabeth Keinänen

Cinematographers: Elisabeth Keinänen, Arto Kultalahti

Sound recordist, photography: Arto Kultalahti


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