We are LuodoMedia, a team of five young filmmakers. 


We produce fictional films, commercials, documentaries and music videos. Our team is passionate and hard working, and we love what we do. We have worked together for a long time, and our company was created on the basis of strong friendship - that always shows in the end product.  


We have a versatile network of skilled young professionals from many different areas of the media industry. Our team has the skills to lead and plan a production of any size, from small one day shoots to larger film productions. We do everything you could need from a production company.


From an idea scribbled on a piece of paper to a full-fledged film production, we work as a team. Our clients have enjoyed our effective and straight-forward work ethic. We work our best to understand our client’s vision for the product and honour their wishes without any fuss.


The people we work with are important to us. That is the reason we promise to be fair, equal and transparent. We promise that we pay fair, and we make certain that everyone has the same rights and privileges. No longer do you need to depend on your negotiation skills to get paid fair - not with us.


During our years in film production we have seen employers treat young creatives unfairly, and we want to break that cycle. We want to be a responsible and fair employer that makes sure all team members are enjoying the work as much as we are. 

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Arto Kultalahti


Management / Invoices
+358 45 1310 320
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Elisabeth Keinänen


Project Manager / Marketing
+358 44 5553 153
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Pyry Aitamurto

Dop / Gaffer

+358 50 554 0150
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Ossi Kallio


+358 44 0971 113
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Joni Lintula


+358 45 3216 494