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pins.ku - fuk(u)boi / Vihaa mua

client: m-eazy music


Director Okko Käyhkö invited us to produce a music video scripted with the artist Pins.ku.


This production was mostly filmed in a studio, which gave us an opportunity to experiment with the possibilities of lighting and unusual set design. In addition to the studio environment, we had some smaller locations that gave us great versatility for the end result.

 It was great to be able to fulfil customers' vision with a crew of young and talented individuals.


Director, Edit, VFX: Okko Käyhkö

Producer: Arto Kultalahti

Cinematograper, Grade: Elis Lindfors

1. AC, Gaffer: Ossi Kallio
Grip: Roni Rautavuori

Best Boy: Nuutti Sihvonen

Making of: Nuutti Sihvonen, Elisabeth Keinänen

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