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cODEO - reference & brand videos

client: codeo oy


Codeo Oy is a software development company with outstanding ethical code how they treat their employees. Codeo believes in complete transparency of salaries, ownership and the profits of the company. They have won awards of being the fairest employer. Codeo wanted to boost this message through a brand video, which we did for them. The goal of the video was to reach potential new employees, and also boost the message of transparency. The visuals of the video was a montage of city life and the information was delivered via voice over. We did several versions for social media from these materials.

The second video Codeo needed was a case video of the software development of a open source program called Hula. This project was a joint development with Notkia It. They needed a video which showcases the development process, and it was done via interviews of CEO's of both companies, and two trainees whom did the code for the program. The resulting video was a solid story of how and why the program was made, and it also highlighted how Codeo's ethical way of work affected this particular project. 



Producers: Elisabeth Keinänen, Arto Kultalahti

Cinematographers: Ossi Kallio, Joni Lintula, Arto Kultalahti

Sound recordists: Haruna Nakada, Laura Viljanen

Editors: Ossi Kallio, Joni Lintula 


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