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pyhimys - v!@%#mikko

client: universal music - 2019


Finnish rapper Mikko Kuoppala (Pyhimys) had a brilliant and well thought out script for this music video, and it was easy to start working on the production together. The plan was to do a music video in a style that has never been done in Finland. 


The pre-production was intensive but rewarding. We worked closely with Mikko as well as with the client of the video, representatives from Universal music.


The production as a whole was hard work, but we feel that we truly succeeded with this production. We were able to pull off everything that we planned, including 38 celebrity cameos within a 3 minute timespan, five shooting days and more locations that we can even remember. Our team worked hard to do their best and it shows. We also had a lot of help from Mikko and his team and it was an absolute joy to work together. 


Gotta say, Mikko & the client were happy.


Director: Ossi Kallio

Screenwriter: Mikko Kuoppala

Producer: Arto Kultalahti

Cinematographer: Elis Lindfors

Production design, Stylist: Elisabeth Keinänen

Gaffer: Pyry Aitamurto

1. AC: Santtu Salminen, Leevi Kollanus
Grip: Roni Rautavuori

Best Girl: Tia Alm

Editor: Ossi Kallio

VFX: Okko Käyhkö

Graphics: Venla Heiniö

Grade: Elis Lindfors

MUAH: Elisabeth Keinänen, Emilia Lahti

Catering: Laura Niininen

Making of: Elias Ryynänen, Nuutti Sihvonen, Essi Kallio, Elisabeth Keinänen


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