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client: metropolia AMK - 2022


SHLL wanted to portray logistics in an informative, but also funny way. Transporting eggs in different kinds of ways seemed like the right way to go, and it was great to see how it came together. Two actors, one giving an informative monologue and the other serving a comedic relief in the background was a recipe for success. Simple elements can carry a long way, even though the same logic doesn't always apply to logistics.



Huolitsija: Pauliina Kietäväinen

Kananmunakeisari: Janne Lesonen



Producer: Arto Kultalahti

Director: Santtu Salminen

Cinematographer: Joni Lintula

Sound Designer & Recordist: Haruna Nakada

Production Designer: Iida Nurminen

MUAH & Costumer: Elisabeth Keinänen

1.AC: Ossi Kallio

Gaffer: Pyry Aitamurto

Editor: Ossi Kallio


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