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edge of haze -

parts of anything

Production year 2021


The band Edge of Haze contacted us with the track ‘Parts of Anything’ and gave us freedom to do a video that suits the track best, following the theme of giving up painful memories. Thanks to the members of the band for the trust!


This production was a great example of what we can achieve with a small crew and simple ideas. We had one day and one location to shoot this video in and we really think this kind of work challenges us to focus on the basics. No flashy effects, nor crazy tricks with the camera, just good ol’ music video for a band. And it worked!


Thanks guys, we’re excited to work with you again.


Screenwriter, director: Ossi Kallio

Producer: Arto Kultalahti

Cinematographer: Ossi Kallio

Production design, MUAH: Elisabeth Keinänen

Gaffer: Pyry Aitamurto

1. AC: Joni Lintula

Editing: Pyry Aitamurto


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